Childrens' hands using paper quizzer

DKfindout! Animal and Outer Space Quizzers

DKfindout! Animal and Outer Space Quizzers

Do sharks have bones? Can you jump on Mars? Is a roadrunner a type of cuckoo? And how long is a day on Venus?

In a world as big and busy as ours, it’s impossible not be curious. With these two DKfindout! quizzers, you can quench that curiosity (or at least a tiny piece of it), and test your friends while you’re at it!

Blue butterflyTiger licking its lipsBrownish yellow toad

Download the two PDFs – Animal quizzer and Space quizzer – and follow the simply assembly instructions for each. Challenge your friends to guess the answers. Before long, you’ll be learning about awesome animals and peculiar planets!


These quizzers are great for parents and teachers, to learn at home or share with the classroom. They’re an interactive resource that will get kids talking and encourage inquisitive thinking. For more content like this, head to 



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