Lots of different kinds of butterflys, image from Picturepedia by DK Books
Lots of different kinds of butterflys, image from Picturepedia by DK Books

Picturepedia: The Children's Encyclopedia With a Difference

Picturepedia: The Children's Encyclopedia With a Difference

Did you know?

The Sun is so huge that Earth could fit inside it one million times.

A snake’s heart can shift around to avoid injury from swallowed prey.

In 1920 in Paris, a butcher in Paris created a perfume with the scent of cooked bacon.

It is a myth that Vikings wore horned helmets.

The world’s biggest dump trucks can carry the weight of 38 elephants.

Picturepedia packs everything you need to know about a single topic into just two pages. DK’s most jam-packed encyclopedia yet, Picturepedia is a combination of fantastic pictures and information created by a large and enthusiastic team of designers, editors, writers, consultants, and illustrators across two continents. The end result is a beautiful, fun, and fact-filled book that you’ll want to open time and time again – and discover something new each time!

Here are some of our favourite pages from the book:

Lizzie Davey – Project Editor, London:

'My favourite spread in the book is "Eggs". I love how the images are all so beautifully lined up in­ size order, so you can instantly see how big they are in relation to each other. I also particularly like the "other eggs" section, as it introduces the idea that less-obvious animals, such as slugs, lay eggs, too.'

Deeksha Miglani – Editor, Delhi:

'My favourite one is the Languages spread. At first glance the spread may look quite simple but making it was no piece of cake. A lot of research went into finding the right word, the right script, and the right pronunciation for greeting someone in the world's most widely spoken languages. The coloured speech bubbles make the spread stand out from the rest.'

Rupa Rao – Project Editor, Delhi:

'While there are quite a few spreads I love in this book, if I had to choose I’d go with “Crustaceans”. I am not a fan of creepy crawlies with antennae and legs sticking out but the flamboyant combination of colours on this spread made the subjects quite attractive to me. I especially like how the two main images – the white-spotted Hermit crab and the Common European lobster – complement each other, one a vibrant red and the other a lovely sapphire blue.'

Amit Varma – Art Editor, Delhi

'The “Motorbikes” spread is my favourite with a great collection of bikes all grouped together so neatly. Apart from the shiny chrome and bright colours, the spread has some hard-to-find information about biking history, stunts, and speed records, which makes it very interesting to read.'

Sonam Mathur – Assistant Editor, Delhi:

'The “Mushrooms” spread was one of the most interesting ones to work on. It’s not just the vibrant colours and diverse shapes of these beautiful organisms that draw you, but also a host of fun facts associated with them. I really like the section that covers how mushrooms pop up so quickly just about anywhere – on leaf stalks, on fir cones, or even on top of other mushrooms!'

Kingshuk Ghoshal – Managing Editor, Delhi:

'I have not one but a trio of favourite spreads - the “Physics”, “Chemistry”, and “Biology” spreads. The layouts look fantastic and illustrate all the key points under each topic. To get to what we have in the book took a long time - lots of discussions and debates in Delhi and also at the London office. These spreads exemplify - in my opinion - the blueprint of what we do best at DK: take a complex topic and break it down successfully to engage our readers!'

Ann Baggeley – Author, London:

'Working on the nature section appealed to me more than anything else, because this is my main area of interest. Wildlife subjects can have a terrific impact in a highly pictorial book – look at the riotous colours of, say, the “Mushrooms” or “Butterflies” spreads.  However, “Treort between designer, editor, and consultant. The simple elegance of the branching diagram was quite tricky to achieve!'

Govind Mittal – Managing Art Editor, Delhi:

'“Knots” was a spread that had everything needed to explain a topic – a purposeful functionality, bright yet straightforward pictures, and clean lines that made the pages look cheerful and inviting. It is one of my favourite spreads in the book.'

Nishwan Rasool – Picture Researcher, Delhi:

'"Food around the world" made my mouth water every time I worked on it. It took time and some hard research to find the right images for the geographically placed cuisine but it gradually took shape. I am reminded of celebrations, festivals, and family every time I look at it.'

Paula Regan – Managing Editor, London:

'"Butterflies and moths" for me represents the journey of Picturepedia from the first germ of an idea to the beautiful finished article it is today. We started with this single topic and it was these two pages that set the style for the whole book - grouping photographs and text into mini galleries and packing in tons of fun facts and information. From these small insects, the book grew and took off, and two years later has landed in the shops ready to buy and enjoy!'

Which pages of Picturepedia are your favourites, and why? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook about your top picks using #Picturepedia. 

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