Man sitting with baby boy on his lap, looking at picture book together, in a park

We Love Reading With Dad

We Love Reading With Dad

Some of the loveliest reading with Dad moments that the internet has to offer, because reading with Dad is super fun!

1. He does those funny voices...

#readingisfun #readingwithdad #lilian #berlin

A photo posted by Maria Bergman (@mariaannikab) on

2. He holds the book when you're just too little...

3. He makes a great armchair...

Heart melting!!! #readingwithdaddy #thelittletrainwhocould #daddysgirl

A photo posted by @joie37 on

4. Commanding an audience is his speciality...

#blessedlife #readingwithdaddy

A photo posted by tomi moore (@mommytomi6) on

5. He enjoys reading just as much as you...

#whatmakesyougiggle #readingwithdaddy #evansfavbook

A photo posted by Karri Wheeler Amory (@ksamory) on

6. Sometimes he even lets you read to him...

Reading with daddy!! Looks like Baby L quite enjoys it. #readingwithdad #storytime

A photo posted by Viv S. (@veeviana16) on

7. Even if he can be a little too ambitious...

This gem from yesterday ;) 📰#storytimewithdad #latergram #thefantasticfacesofqueenpea

A photo posted by Francheska (@itsfrantastique) on

8. Did we mention he makes a great armchair?!  

So precious. Love these moments! #readingwithdad #guesswhosounds #alovelikenother

A photo posted by Ashley (@ashburton85) on

Here's to all the Dads making storytime extra fun!

#storytimewithdaddy #finnolivermoody 😍❤️#lovemyboys

A photo posted by NP.CO (@nina_provan) on

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