A selection oA selection of childrens' books that adults will enjoy including Picturepedia and Cross-Section Castlef childrens' books that adults will enjoy

7 Non-fiction Books for Children That You'll Secretly Want to Buy for Yourself

7 Non-fiction Books for Children That You'll Secretly Want to Buy for Yourself

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Do you ever walk into a bookshop and gravitate towards a beautiful book full of interesting facts and pictures...and then realise that you're in the Children's section? If so this article is for you! For national non-fiction November we've picked out seven of our children's non-fiction titles that adults would definitely love to own. 

1. What Happened When in the World

What Happened When in the World demystifies your childhood history lessons. Placing historical events on the map, you'll finally understand exactly how far the bubonic plague spread and the various army divisions that participated in D-Day. 

2. How Machines Work

Does How Machines Work look strangely familiar to you? David Macaulay originally set pencil to paper back in 1988 to create The Way Things Work, a book that has since become a classroom favourite and a DK classic. How Machines Work introduces David Macaulay's award-winning illustrations to a new generation of children; filled throughout with pulleys and pop-ups and packed with engaging, hands-on activities, How Machines Work will gear kids up for scientific and engineering greatness!

3. Senseational Illusions

3D book jacket for Senseational Illusions featuring black and white lines and patterns

A complete 'WOW' book and a mind-boggler no matter your age, Senseational Illusions puts your senses to the test. This brain-twisting book is the perfect procrastination tool, try the 'moving picture' sensory challenge in our article Seriously Sense-ational Sensory Illusions to find out why certain combinations of shapes and colours can make an image look like it's moving.

4. Cross-Sections Castle

3D book jacket for Stephen Biesty's Cross-Sections Castle, featuring an illustrated castle cross-section

You'll probably remember Stephen Biesty's glorious cross section illustrations from your youth. Incredible Cross Sections got picked up on Reddit recently, unleashing a positive torrent of nostalgia...

'My brother and I still have these books (we're in our 20s). Can't wait to give them to my kids' - MrWeirdBeard

'As a twenty-six-year-old, this was the best book ever' - Miserlou57

'I just nostalgia'd all over the place' - Iamdeblas

5. Picturepedia

3D book jacket for Picturepedia children's encyclopedia, featuring a number of images such as a mammoth and a bicycle

Picturepedia is the book all adults will wish they had as a child. Filled with beautiful photos covering every topic under (and including) the sun, this beautiful encyclopedia gathers everything in one place, eliminating the need for fruitless internet searching. 

6. Children’s Book of Magic

3D book jacket for Children's Book of Magic, featuring a rabbit popping out of a hat

When it comes to magic, we’re all big kids at heart. Children’s Book of Magic is a great excuse to brush up on your sleight of hand with card and coin tricks to impress at every party or delight your kids. If you’re not destined for a career in wizardry, the front cover does the magic for you with a rabbit that pops out of a hat when you move it. Books are magical.

7. Why? Encyclopedia
3D book jacket for WHY? Encyclopedia, featuring a giant question mark

Dad, how long is the great wall of China? Mum, why do I get out of breath when I run? Children posess that brilliant curiosity that stops adults in their tracks and make us realise how little we actually know! Thank goodness Why? Encyclopedia is at hand to provide the answers to those questions from a curious youth long forgotten.

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