Illustration showing Statue of Liberty in wool top, enormous insect and world's largest truck
Illustration showing Statue of Liberty in wool top, enormous insect and world's largest truck

12 Unbelievable Facts That (Believe It Or Not) Are True!

12 Unbelievable Facts That (Believe It Or Not) Are True!

In a world as wide and wild as ours, things are bound to get a little… weird. From the biggest extremes to the strangest comparisons, here are 12 of the most unusual facts you'll learn today! 

1. All the electricity powering the internet weighs the same as an apricot.

Illustration of a USB cable being plugged into an apricot

2. A hippo’s jaw opens wide enough to fit a sports car inside.

Graphic of a hippo swallowing a sports car

3. It would take 19 minutes to fall from the North Pole to Earth’s core.

Illustration of a skydiver falling to the Earth's core

4. Every 4 minutes and 13 seconds, enough wool is produced around the world to make a jumper big enough for the Statue of Liberty to wear.

Image of the Statue of Liberty wearing a red wool top

5. If an arm span is Earth’s history, humans have existed for only a tiny fingernail tip.

Illustration of a human's arm span

6. Six generations back, you have 64 great-great-great-grandparents.

Black and white graphic of elderly man and woman

7. In a group of 23 people, there’s more than a 50 percent chance that two of them share a birthday. With a group of 57 people, there’s a 99.01 percent probability, and for 70 people the probability is 99.92 percent.

Pink graphic of a birthday cake with four candles

8. In 1990, Mayalsian strong man Ramasamy Letchemanah used his hair to pull a Boeing 737 aircraft in Kuala Lumpur 17m (56ft), setting a new world record. His abilities were passed on to his daughter, who pulled a truck with her hair in 2002.

Illustration of a man pulling an airplane with his hair

9. The packaging problems of round fruit can be solved by making them square. In Korea, some apples are grown in plastic moulds so they take on a square shape.

Illustration of a square red apple

10. It’s estimated that the typical pencil has enough graphite to draw a line 56 km (35 miles) long, or 20 times the length of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Illustration of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Franciso

11. The most forceful rollercoaster in the world is “Tower of Terror” at Gold Reef City in Johannesburg, South Africa. At the bottom of the ride’s huge drop, people experience a G-force of 6.3g, twice the G-force of a space shuttle launch.

Illustration of Tower of Terror rollercoaster, South Africa

12. Calculations suggest that 136 billion sheets of A4 paper would be needed to print out the entire world wide web. If the printouts were piled up, the stack would be taller than Earth.

Illustration of a paper stack as tall as planet Earth

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