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Simple, fun science for kids to do at home

Simple, fun science for kids to do at home

The world of science can seem complicated for children to understand, but by investigating it one experiment at a time and they will soon get the hang of it and start to understand the amazing world around us.

101 Great Science Experiments has simple projects from eleven scientific areas: air and gases, water and liquids, hot and cold, light, colour, growth, senses, sound and music, magnets, electricity, and motion and machines. Each experiment has step-by-step instructions with accompanying photographs – there’s so much to discover and it’s easy to do!

Here are two of DK's favourite experiments from the book that you can try at home today with your kids:

See plants drinking
Putting flowers in water with different colour dye in them pictureYou can see how water flows up a plant’s stem and into its leaves and petals by using fresh white flowers, water, and two different colours of food dye (e.g. red and green) separated into two glasses. Split the plants’ stems up the centre (be very careful when doing this) and place one half into the first food dye and the second half into the second dye. Leave the flowers in a warm room and watch as the petals change colour slowly. One half of the split stem feeds from the red dye and the other feeds from green, making a flower of two halves.

Bend some water
A balloon being rubbed on a jumper pictureSome objects gain electricity when they’re rubbed. The electricity stays in the objects, so it’s “static”. This electricity has the power to attract water. Blow up a balloon and rub it on a woolly jumper. Hold the balloon near a running tap and the water will bend towards the balloon! 

Try these experiments today to inspire budding scientists.

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Buy the book

101 Great Science Experiments 101 Great Science

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