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Published by DK Children

By Rosie Peet

RRP: £4.99

About LEGO NINJAGO How To Be A Ninja

Can you become a Master of Spinjitzu and reading? It's time for you to learn to be a Ninja with Master Wu and the heroes of Ninjago!

Discover the adventures of Kai, Nya, Lloyd, Jay, Cole, and Zane - Ninjago's greatest warriors. Kids will learn fun facts about their favourite Ninja heroes - their training, weapons, skills, and incredible Spinjitzu powers in this LEGO® book for kids who are learning to read.

Training to be a Ninja takes a lot of discipline - but it can also be fun! And you can have fun learning to read too with LEGO® NINJAGO: How To Be A Ninja, a DK Level 2 Reader. This book is perfect for kids who are starting to read alone. Get the confidence young ninja and kids need to read on their own by following along on the extraordinary adventures of the world's six most incredible Ninja and Master Wu.

The insides of these pages are packed with colourful images from best-loved LEGO® NINJAGO sets and LEGO® minifigures. Follow along with the easy-to-read stories of the Ninja fighting bad guys, riding amazing machines, and wielding powerful weapons. This book will help young fans of the LEGO® NINJAGO TV series and build sets learn to love reading.

Even Ninjas Have To Learn To Read

It's time to master the art of reading so you too can be a Spinjitzu Master. DK and the LEGO® NINJAGO theme come together in the best way possible to make reading engaging for young minds. Exciting images, simple vocabulary, and a fun quiz engage young readers and help them build confidence in reading.

Level 2 Readers are specifically designed to reach and be accessible by little book lovers. Put into a children's book format, LEGO® NINJAGO: How To Be A Ninja uses simple sentences and words in bite-sized chunks.

The exciting tales of Ninja heroes will not only teach kids to read but also let them learn more about their idols Kai, Nya, Lloyd, Jay, Cole, and Zane.

Inside you will find many fun facts, including:
- How ninja train
- The secret skills of Spinjitzu
- The might of a Titan Mech
- About the cool weapons ninja use
- The Ninja's main vehicle: The Land Bounty!

The DK Readers series is trusted by parents, teachers and librarians, and loved by kids. This updated and revised series engages nonfiction subjects that are clearly explained, described visually and brought to life with thrilling encounters.

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