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Published by DK Children

By Sam Maggs

Foreword by Gail Simone

RRP: £12.99

About DC Brave and Bold!

How does Supergirl™ fly? Who granted Wonder Woman™ her superpowers? Be inspired to be daring, determined and kind by the incredible female Super Heroes of the DC Universe! More than 50 characters will encourage young girls to be courageous and compassionate.

Shining a spotlight on diverse Super Heroes such as Bumblebee™, Mera™, Batgirl™, Hawkgirl™ and The Flash of China™, Brave and Bold! is a one-of-a-kind book that will delight young DC fans. Illustrated with exquisite comic book artwork by some of the industry's finest talents, this stunning book celebrates girls and women from different backgrounds and origins, and features a foreword by acclaimed comic book writer Gail Simone.

From Black Canary™ and Batwoman™ to Vixen™ and Huntress™, discover DC's most daring and groundbreaking female Super Heroes. Author Sam Maggs' beautifully crafted profiles will take you inside each character's world, highlighting their abilities, origin stories and achievements.

A beautiful gift for the young comic book writers and artists of the future, and fans of the hugely popular Wonder Woman movie.

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