100 First Things That Go

eBook cover of 100 First Things That Go

Published by DK Children

RRP: £2.99

"Young children love to share books with their adults, and this colourful board book offers plenty of opportunities for spotting and talking."

Parents in Touch

"The perfect gift for any baby or toddler, this beautiful book is cleverly designed to allow confident development of speech whilst providing enjoyment for parent and child."


About 100 First Things That Go

Help little ones learn first words and build vocabulary with this things that go baby ebook that's filled with cars, trucks, planes, boats, tractors, and diggers.

Favourite vehicles are clearly labelled on every page, and the exciting photos combined with fun illustrations provide lots to talk about, learn about, and smile about. 100 First Things That Go is a colourful picture ebook that is great for sharing, and an attractive baby gift.

Part of a beautiful, first word ebook series, which includes the award-winning 100 First Words, the pages are toddler tough, and cover everything from cool cars, terrific trucks, and awesome fire engines, to vehicle colours and kids' own bikes and ride-on toys. There are even some entertaining make-believe things that go, such as a fantastic pirate ship and a magic broomstick. Word labels encourage picture-and-word association, building language and reading readiness, while the inviting pictures stimulate talking. Cleverly designed to inform and entertain, 100 First Things That Go takes your baby on an exciting learning adventure.