Get Cooking! Sweet Stuff

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Published by DK Children

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About Get Cooking! Sweet Stuff

Now in ebook format, this is a Kindle epub. The Get Cooking! Sweet Stuff ePub gives you seven mouth-watering, sweet-treat recipes, from delicious fruity meringues to easy-to-make refrigerator cake. The ePub also covers the importance of preparation, kitchen safety and hygiene, and highlights the parts of every recipe where children must take extra care or should use an adult's assistance.

Why does chocolate melt?
Why do you sift flour?
Why do egg whites become stiff when you beat them?

But there's more to this recipe ePub than the recipes. Usually when faced with instructions, children (and many adults!) ask, "Why must I?" We encourage such questions, and explain why the action forms an important part of cooking: sift the flour to get lumps out and air in and you'll get a smoother, lighter cake.

So get inspired, get the answers and Get Cooking! Sweet Stuff.