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About DK Natural History Insects

This book explores a group of animals that first appeared on land more than 400 million years ago-insects. A comprehensive introduction places insects in the context of other living things, and an extensive catalog showcases the amazing variety of earth's most abundant-and often bizarre-animals. From butterflies and moths to dragonflies and grasshoppers, from beetles and bees to ants and earwigs, hundreds of individual specimens are profiled in incredible detail, each accompanied by clear, concise text and key data.

Conceived from the ground up to take advantage of this amazing new technology, DK Natural History: Insects brings the subject to life like never before, and offers an amazing range of interactive features, including:

- Audio
- Video
- Interactive galleries

DK Natural History: Insects includes:

- Over 80 interactive and illustrated pages
- A comprehensive introduction explaining how insects fit into the natural world, which also explains their anatomy and life cycles
- Illustrated profiles of nearly 300 animals
- Hundreds of crystal-clear photographs, many specially commissioned
- Contextual images

DK Natural History: Insects forms part of an ongoing series that is a landmark in illustrated reference publishing and was authenticated by experts at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History. The complete series offers an unrivalled visual survey of Earth's natural history, giving a clear overview of the natural world with over 6,000 species featured.