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Published by DK Children

RRP: £7.99

About Pop-Up Peekaboo! Bedtime

An interactive pop up book that inspires hands-on learning and helps put your child to sleep. Tactile elements and delightful imagery will encourage the development of motor skills and early learning.

Bold, brightly coloured pictures, lift-the-flap pages and entertaining rhymes. Pop up Peekaboo: Bedtime provides lots of opportunities for parent-and-child interaction and hours of animal entertainment. If they had a favourite bedtime story before, then this might be their new number one!

Babies and toddlers will be enchanted by finding the surprises behind each flap. This interactive toddler book for 2 year olds helps teach young children object permanence, which is an important step in childhood development. Turning the pages and moving the pop-ups help toddlers learn motor control for improved dexterity.

Inside the pages of this pop-up adventure book, you'll find:

- Hands-on play that builds confident book skills
- Look-and-find peekaboo games that reward curiosity
- Rhythmic, read-aloud text that aids language development
- Rounded edges and chunky pages, protecting babys and their growing teeth!

This pop up book has been designed as an all-round activity learning experience, to get the most out of story time. Read aloud the lively rhymes that create the amusing story for your kids to follow, and play a guessing game of who is behind the flap! The rhymes and the easy-to-read text help preschoolers remember the new words they are learning for early language development.

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