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Published by DK Children

RRP: £18.99

About Science A Children's Encyclopedia

This children's encyclopedia covers every aspect of science, including biology, chemistry, and physics.

Bringing all the essentials of science together, Science: A Children's Encyclopedia explains topics from the elements that make up the Universe to the energy that powers a rollercoaster, with high-quality photographs and innovative graphics to help demonstrate key concepts. Children aged 9-11 especially will be mesmerised by this exhaustive science book, which uses clear and age-appropriate text to make even the most complex scientific ideas easy to understand.

Packed with fun facts, this visually stunning encyclopedia will dazzle young people with interesting details on everything from electricity and engines to sound waves and space travel. In nine chapters, budding scientists will learn how plants use sunlight to make food, what makes a firework bang, and if robots really are smarter than humans.

With its accessible, entertaining, and comprehensive introduction of key topics, Science: A Children's Encyclopedia is the ideal reference for home and school - something that children will keep coming back to time and time again.