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Published by DK

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About Complete Cat Care

Introducing Complete Cat Care - a one-stop guide combining everything you need to know about cats in one practical manual.

It's no secret that a happy cat is a healthy cat, and this guide offers everything you need to keep your cat in peak mental and physical condition. Jam-packed with expert advice to nurture your feline friend from kittenhood to old age, you can uncover essential guidance on cat behaviour, getting your first cat, as well as advice on feeding your cat and top tips on cat grooming.

Dive straight in to discover:

-Clear step-by-step photographic sequences show you how to groom your cat and how to administer basic first aid for ease of reference.
-Quick reference checklists help you to identify health issues so you can deal with them promptly
-Offers expert guidance from an experienced veterinary consultant

Featuring a comprehensive health section with a complete guide to common and more serious cat disorders, with advice on how to treat your cat, and when to consult a vet, as well as post-operative care and basic first aid tips. Discover a start-up section on choosing your kitten or cat, what to look out for, and introducing your new feline friend into your home.

From early kitten care to breeding and pregnancy, balanced diets to training and fun, this all-encompassing cat book has something for everyone to discover, whether as a first-time cat owner or a confident kitty enthusiast!

The clear, informative illustrations and lively reliable text make this cat book a must-have volume for cat owners looking for a comprehensive guide on feline health.