Star Wars In 100 Scenes

Star Wars In 100 Scenes

Published by DK Children

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Book description

Go behind the scenes and relive 100 iconic moments from Star Wars™, episode I-VI

Join Luke Skywalker as he battles with the dark side, watch as Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader and fly through space with the Star Wars™ ships. Relive the most dramatic and iconic moments of the Star Wars™ movies in this exciting new book Star Wars™ in 100 Scenes.

Rediscover your favourite Star Wars™ scenes and characters with this comprehensive guide which spans all six Star Wars™ movies. Star Wars in 100 Scenes reveals all the amazing droids, vehicles and weapons which were part of the Star Wars™ universe. Packed full of vivid images and galleries of poignant Star Wars™ scenes you'll be transported into the world of Star Wars™. Taken from all six movies you'll explore 100 of the most famous and significant scenes plus behind-the-scenes facts from Star Wars™ episode I-VI.