RSPB Birds of Britain and Europe

RSPB Birds of Britain and Europe

Published by DK

By Rob Hume

RRP: £16.99

Book description

The quick and easy way to identify European and British birds - ideal for the novice birdwatcher or the seasoned birder.

This compact field guide features the highest quality photographs, capturing the beauty of more than 500 bird species and making bird identification effortless. Each bird's entry includes clear images at rest and in flight and pictures the male, female, and juvenile of the species along with a distribution map so you know what species to expect and when. Some birds also have flight-pattern diagrams and images of subspecies to help identify them. Birds that can be hard to tell apart are compared in similar species panels, with their differences picked out. The introduction covers the anatomy, life cycle, and behaviour of birds and includes a survey of the habitats in which birds live, making it an essential reference for anyone interested in birdwatching.

Descriptions and photos of rarities and vagrants - accidental visitors to Britain and Europe - are also included. An accompanying audio CD of the birdsong and calls of 99 key birds help identify a bird even when it is hard to spot. All content of RSPB Birds of Britain and Europe has been checked by the RSPB.