German Visual Phrase Book

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Published by DK

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About German Visual Phrase Book

An innovative visual approach to learning and using basic German phrases

Do you need to brush up on your German, or learn the language full stop? Then pick up a copy of German Visual Phrase Book and start learning today. Whether you're visiting Germany for business or pleasure, you want to make sure you're understood and this guide will ensure you are.

Find key phrases fast in this effective survival language guide for real-life situations. Galleries of words and pictures make it easy to find key basic German vocabulary at a glance and help you remember what you've seen. No prior knowledge required so you can learn phrases to help you find your way around, eat out, shop and go sightseeing. Plus, an easy-to-use pronunciation guide for every word and phrase will help you communicate with native speakers when you've arrived.

So pop German Visual Phrase Book in your pocket when you're out and about in Germany so you can converse with the locals without any trouble.

Now with a new look. (Previous ISBN: 9781405332262)