LEGO® Legends of Chima Tribes of Chima

LEGO® Legends of Chima Tribes of Chima

Published by DK Children

By Ruth Amos,

RRP: £1.99

Book description

Discover the incredible animal tribes from LEGO® Legends of Chima

LEGO Legends of Chima Tribes of Chima introduces the extraordinary animal tribes and adventures from the magical land of Chima. This Level 2 Reader lets you meet the noble young Prince Laval from the Lion Tribe, read about clever Eris the Eagle and find out all about Laval's enemy, greedy Prince Cragger of the Crocodile Tribe.

Level 2 Readers are designed for taking the next step in gaining reading confidence. Easy to read stories include longer sentences and increased vocabulary to help improve reading skills. The glossary and index sections show them more about the world of Chima with information boxes to support the story as they read about the brave Lions and Eagles trying to keep the peace against their enemies, the wicked Crocodiles, Wolves, and Ravens.

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