Pocket Eyewitness Mammals

Pocket Eyewitness Mammals

Published by DK Children

RRP: £2.49

Book description

The series that packs a world of knowledge into your pocket

Get fast facts at your fingertips with DK Pocket Eyewitness Mammals, packed with bite-sized chunks of information that make learning about animals even more fun. Find out what makes a mammal a mammal, what diet they follow, their habitats and read about conservation too.

Packed with amazing encyclopedic stats and facts about this animal family, DK Pocket Eyewitness Mammals will help you explore an amazing part of the animal world. Read about armadillos and elephants, egg-laying mammals like the platypus and marsupials like the kangaroo.

With interactive galleries allowing you to see more of these amazing creatures, DK Pocket Eyewitness Mammals truly immerses you in the world of these animals and how they live.