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Published by DK

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"It's the sports buff's bible"

Men's Fitness

"this is an excellent compendium of the history, rules, techniques and tactics of some 200 sports"

Independent on Sunday

"open it and immerse yourself in an extremely well compiled and near-comprehensive encyclopaedia of world sports"

The Independent (Main)

"ideal for the armchair sports enthusiast, but anyone with even a passing interest will find it utterly fascinating"

"this book promises everything you need to know about more than 200 of the world's greatest sports, including weird and wonderful facts and bizarre moments"

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About The Sports Book

The ultimate armchair companion to over 200 sports

The Sports Book, 4th Edition, is the ultimate guide to games, perfect for everyone buzzing for Rio 2016, an amazing year of sport. This new edition presents fully up-to-date information covering every type of sport, from equestrian sports, athletics and gymnastics to winter sports and extreme sports, to the Olympics and Paralympics.

Check out the rules, history, players and events for over 200 of the world's greatest sports such as football, cricket, basketball and golf. Stay ahead of the curve with this amazing sports source with the latest facts and statistics, including updated world and Olympic records from leading experts and sports governing bodies around the globe. Learn the incredible techniques and tactics of the world's best competitors, with fascinating coverage of the 2012 Olympic Games, and an exciting overview of the hugely anticipated games in Rio 2016.

The Sports Book, 4th Edition is perfect for any sports buffs in need of an ultimate quick-reference guide, or anyone looking to top up their sports knowledge.

Previous edition ISBN 9781405367417