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Published by DK

RRP: £20.00

"It's the sports buff's bible"

Men's Fitness

"this is an excellent compendium of the history, rules, techniques and tactics of some 200 sports"

Independent on Sunday

"open it and immerse yourself in an extremely well compiled and near-comprehensive encyclopaedia of world sports"

The Independent (Main)

"ideal for the armchair sports enthusiast, but anyone with even a passing interest will find it utterly fascinating"

"this book promises everything you need to know about more than 200 of the world's greatest sports, including weird and wonderful facts and bizarre moments"

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About The Sports Book

Do you want to improve your knowledge of sports like football and basketball, or maybe even jianzi and kendo?

The ultimate guide to over 200 of the world's greatest sports, The Sports Book is the go-to reference for sports buffs or those expanding their knowledge of sport. This book contains information on every type of sport, from athletics and gymnastics to extreme games and motor sports.

Discover the history and players of nearly any sport you can think of and many you may not have even heard of yet! This amazing resource features facts and statistics, world and Olympic records, and tactics of the world's best competitors. Learn about the history of the Summer and Winter Olympics with fascinating overviews of every Olympic event since the the birth of the Modern Games in 1896.

With colourful and simple graphics to explain the rules, equipment, and techniques of each sport, The Sports Book will get everyone enthused about sports and itching to watch or play something new.