Ant Antics

eBook cover of Ant Antics

Published by DK Children

By Deborah Lock,

RRP: £1.99

About Ant Antics

Get your child hooked on reading with the Ant Antics ebook

Learn about the lives of ants with Ant Antics, the Level 3 DK Reader. Now in ebook format, with exciting read-along function which makes learning to read even more exciting - follow the voice and the words on the screen and have fun with your child as they gain confidence.

Help your child develop a life-long love of reading whilst learning about six different types of ants found around the world, from army ants in Africa to weaver ants in South-East Asia. Level 3 DK Readers are great for children beginning to read alone. They are full of exciting, highly pictorial stories with rich vocabulary, lively illustrations and more challenging sentence structures. All designed to help to build literary skills.

Ant Antics is perfect for reading aloud, especially with the interactive read-along function, and you'll both love the playful images.