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About Mushrooms & Toadstools

The definitive field guide to mushrooms, toadstools, and other fungi

Mushrooms & Toadstools contains all the information you need to identify, forage for or avoid fungi from all around the world. Based on the best-selling The Mushroom Book (9780751302585), this completely revised and updated edition is the perfect fungi book for mushroom lovers everywhere.

Inside you'll find an explanation of the unique features of mushrooms and fungi, scale illustrations and clear, annotated photographs of typical examples of over 450 species of mushrooms. Key information on habitat, fruiting and range for each example and details of necessary foraging equipment make this book an authoritative field guide. Also included are easy-to use visual ID guides and icons indicating which types of mushrooms are poisonous and which are edible.

The ultimate companion for fungi enthusiasts, Mushrooms & Toadstools, thoroughly updated to include the latest discoveries and reclassifications in the mushroom world, is ideal for amateurs and experts alike.