MasterChef Cookery Course

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"This really is a bible for budding chefs (quote for <i>MasterChef Kitchen Bible)</i>"

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About MasterChef Cookery Course

From simple to sensational- learn to love cooking

A special digital edition of the MasterChef Cookery Course that features 30 of the favourite recipes from the print edition. It takes you on a journey to culinary excellence teaching you everything from the basics of cooking simple sauces up to planning more ambitious menus that any MasterChef would be proud of.

Learn how to make quick and easy midweek meals, roast the perfect chicken, bake tasty cakes and breads and create delicious desserts. This edition of the MasterChef Cookery Course features:

- Over 30 classic recipes selected from the print book, all photographed so you can see the finished dish, from easy, have-a-go midweek meals like fish pie and spaghetti bolognese to more elaborate apricot tarts and profiteroles

- 15 step-by-step sequences helping home cooks master the building blocks of cooking: key techniques (roasting, stewing, frying, poaching and baking), 'mother sauces' (tomato, Béchamel, hollandaise, velouté and espagnole) and staple dishes (how to make the perfect rice, pasta, green salad, pie and bread)

- Pop-out visual shopping lists showing the ingredients you need to produce a perfect meal

- Visual guide to the basic principles of buying ingredients and at a glance timelines to help cooks plan and structure their cooking

The MasterChef Cookery Course has everything you need to go from zero to hero in the kitchen.