Story of the Titanic

Story of the Titanic

Published by DK Children

By Steve Noon

RRP: £2.99

Book description

The tragic story of the world's largest and most luxurious liner, now on the Kindle Fire

Story of the Titanic presents and dissects one of the most tragic events of the 20th Century in a way never seen before. With an incredible new format, the stunning cutaway artworks of Story of the Titanic provide a full insight into the 'unsinkable ship' - from its planning, building and fateful maiden voyage, to attempts to reclaim it from the ocean.

This version, designed for the Kindle Fire, contains 12 full-colour cutaway illustrations of the Titanic on every stage of its journey and photographic references tell you all about the construction of the ship and how it came to sink.

Over 50 photos in colourful photo galleries show you what life onboard was like and maps provide locations and dates for every step of the voyage. Story of the Titanic is perfect for children who want to understand about the ship and its fateful voyage, as well as the human tales of its passengers and crew and is ideal for school projects.

Go one step further with this lavish version of Story of the Titanic, following the "unsinkable" liner from the start of its maiden voyage to its disastrous death.