Mary Berry Winter Cookbook

eBook cover of Mary Berry Winter Cookbook

Published by DK

By Mary Berry

RRP: £3.99

About Mary Berry Winter Cookbook

Mary Berry's classic warming recipes, perfect for a cold winter's day

If you find yourself struggling during the cold winter months, then fire up Mary Berry's Winter Cookbook this year to heat up. A collection of Mary's best winter recipes including hearty soups and casseroles, delicious roasts and puddings, and teatime favourites.

Designed specially for the iPad, Mary Berry Winter Cookbook includes:

- 50 fail-safe recipes such as French onion soup, Sunday roast chicken, treacle pudding, cinnamon rolls and many other classics

- 14 multi-touch sequences with step-by-step photos of key techniques such as making stock, jointing a chicken, and whipping up the perfect accompaniment

- At-a-glance icons showing you the all-important prep and cooking times

- Pop up widgets with healthy adaptations, alternative ideas and cook's know-how tips

Perfect for the home cook who wants to create classic winter meals for all the family, Mary Berry's Winter Cookbook is sure to warm you up on a cold winter's night.