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Published by DK Children

RRP: £6.99

About Invention

From the versatile wheel to the tiny and powerful computer chip, discover the most ingenious, world-changing inventions ever.

Enter the world of innovation and technology with Eyewitness Invention. Learn the story behind the certain inventors and how an invention shapes up from a mere idea to a widely used household item.

From the first writing utensils and timekeeping devices to mechanized vehicles and controlled flight, this lively, educational book is the best way to introduce young minds to the most important innovations that have shaped human history. Packed with hundreds of images showing primitive tools to modern-day machines, Eyewitness Invention is loaded with information. The reference section at the end provides even more amazing facts.

Full of fun facts, this book is made for kids and is perfect for school and homework projects. It also comes with a giant fold-out wall chart ideal for bedrooms or classrooms.