Pocket Eyewitness Dinosaurs

eBook cover of Pocket Eyewitness Dinosaurs

Published by DK Children

RRP: £2.49

About Pocket Eyewitness Dinosaurs

Get fast facts at your fingertips with Pocket Eyewitness Dinosaurs, packed with interactive bite-sized chunks of information that bring the world of the dinosaurs to life on your iPad.

Features include:
- 10 amazing videos of CGI dinosaurs in action - see them running, catching fish and fighting
- 10 interactive 3D dinosaurs - rotate them this way and that to see how they would have looked
- 10 focus-on galleries full of stunning interactive images and fascinating facts
- Scroll through 190 screens covering many different species

Discover dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and giant sea reptiles in Pocket Eyewitness Dinosaurs. Perfect for the iPad, Pocket Eyewitness Dinosaurs will provide that extra wow with its amazing encyclopedic stats and genius gem facts.