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Published by DK

By Steve Sleight

RRP: £12.99

"Superb...the perfect guide (The Complete Sailing Manual)"

The Sunday Express

About Sailing Essentials

Whether you are a novice or a sailor looking to expand your skills, this indispensable sailing companion will guide you every step of the way.

A compact, easy-to-carry reference book, DK's Sailing Essentials is packed with all the essential information for practical sailors or just anyone who is interested in the topic.

Start with the introductory section on comfort and safety to remind or familiarize yourself with the equipment on board and some basic knowledge, such as when to sail and what to wear.

The following sections are full of practical advice on every aspect of sailing, from basic manoeuvres to dealing with difficult weather conditions. There is also guidance on maintenance and repairs to ensure you know how to keep your boat in good shape, as well as clear instructions about tying a perfect figure-of-eight and other knots... and much, much more!

Sailing Essentials
is perfect as a skipper's back-up manual or a quick reference guide for novice sailors. You won't want to set sail without it.