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Published by DK

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"An imposing encyclopaedia devoted to everything musical, from the primitive instruments of 10,000 BC to the present day......Lifting it- with some effort- from your coffee table, you are bound to find the reference you want. An informative and entertaining read."

The Lady

About Music

Classical music or rock music, everyone has their favourite musical style, but why did jazz go Latin, or blues influence rock? Find out in the story of music from prehistory to the present day.

Music is a visual history of music - the most unifying art form in the world. Every musical revolution from bone flutes to electronica and from jazz to hip-hop is charted in this visually stunning music history. Key musical innovators including Mozart, Louise Armstrong, and Elvis are profiled with biographies that detail their lives and works. Every development from baroque to rock and roll is covered. Music also includes illustrated histories of the most popular instruments, from the guitar to the piano, and listening suggestions for each musical genre.

Whether you are young or old, into pop music or opera, Music will hit the right note with you.