The Colour Encyclopedia of Incredible Aeroplanes

The Colour Encyclopedia of Incredible Aeroplanes

Published by DK

By Philip Jarrett

Foreword by Eric "Winkle" Brown

RRP: £11.99

Book description

Spiffing gift book for aviation fanatics everywhere.

Hello chaps!

You know, I've spent the best years of my life in dogfights flying some of the world's finest aeroplanes - now I find all my favourites are in this jolly old book, The Colour Encyclopedia of Incredible Aeroplanes.

From my old chariot the Spitfire right through to the Aircanad BD-19 RGS, you'll find everything you ever wanted to know. Pick up technical bits and bobs from the specification of every plane, to country of origin, type, performance and climb rate (I know you'll be interested in that!) as well as nerve-tingling quotes from many of my old muckers.

See the whites of pilots eyes in jolly aeroplane shots from every angle - watch them zooming through the sky and from every enticing angle.

A proper, old-fashioned book with hundreds of handsome pictures, it's a damned attractive package.

Chocs away!