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Published by DK Children

RRP: £3.99

About Ask A Bug

Got a question? Ask a Bug in this brand new fact finding series, in eBook format.

Why do bugs bug us? Do butterflies remember being caterpillars? Why don't spiders get stuck to their own webs? Ask a Bug reveals the mysteries and wonder of the world of bugs - the insects, the spiders, and the many-legged creepy crawlies. Your child will love discovering all about bugs with this amazing question and answer book.

Written from the perspective of the bugs themselves, this book provides the answers to the questions that children ask and wonder about the world around them. They'll discover that there are an astounding 200 million insects per every human being on this planet and that a queen bee lays 2,000 eggs every day! Filled with charming illustrations and photographs, this new series will make your child bonkers about bugs!