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Published by DK

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About Express Housekeeping

The indispensible guide to having a clean, well-organised home with minimum effort and fuss.

Express Housekeeping is about getting the job done quickly, with plenty of pictures that show it all. Well-thought-out plans set out how to blitz every type of room, whether it's the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, in prescribed time slots. Cleaning Kit spreads will show you how to put together an essential kit bucket, so you have every cleaning item you will need to hand as the cleaning mood strikes.

Feeling frugal? Packed with tips that will help you save money that you can spend on more enjoyable pursuits. Feeling green? Feature boxes recommend natural cleaners that are free from chemicals.

A must-have in any house, whether you're a domestic goddess or a domestic disaster. By the end of Express Housekeeping you'll have a clean house, cash in your pocket and time to spend it.