Bug Zoo

eBook cover of Bug Zoo

Published by DK Children

By Nick Baker

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About Bug Zoo

Go wild with naturalist, Nick Baker, star of Nick Baker's Weird Creatures

They may be tiny, but insects, spiders and other invertebrates are some of the most astonishing animals on Earth - and plenty of them live right on our doorstep.

Here, Nick Baker, presenter of Nick Baker's Weird Creatures and naturalist shows kids how to make the kind of places, spaces, nooks and crannies that insects love to scuttle around in. They'll discover how to keep them fed, healthy and active and how to build all sorts of inviting invertebrate environments, from a hang out for spiders to a nest for ants.

From here - and with Nick Baker's help - your child will see all the stuff that's usually hidden from human eyes, discovering the nitty gritty about insect lifecycles, how they live, eat and more. It's their very own bug zoo!