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Published by DK Children

By Sophie Allan, Josh Barker

RRP: £20.00

About Amazing Space

A thrilling guide to the most incredible objects, weirdest discoveries, and most surprising science in our Universe.

Have you ever wondered why some planets have rings? Or whether galaxies can collide? Or how humans are able to explore the vastness of space?

This fascinating book will take you above the clouds and beyond the Earth's atmosphere to show you the vast expanse of space that stretches above us. Step on to the surface of other planets in our Solar System, discover the distant but exciting exoplanets, and learn the dramatic lifecycle of a star.

Amazing Space is the perfect book for inquisitive kids aged 7 and above, and especially those with a passion for space, physics, or science. With astounding information, and stunning photographs and illustrations, this is the ultimate guide to the most incredible places in our Universe.