eBook cover of Gorilla

Published by DK Children

By Ian Redmond

RRP: £6.99

About Gorilla

Despite their size and strength gorillas are generally docile animals that live in close-knit family groups and as our close relatives provide intriguing insights into our own behaviour. This collection of superb photographs brings their story vividly to life.The book features the world's largest captive colony of lowland gorillas as well as many other primate species. Discover the secret lives of orangutans and chimpanzees how baboons have adapted to life on the African plains and spider monkeys to the rainforests of South America. See how gorillas and chimps have mastered sign languages and how people are trying to protect our endangered primate relatives. Written by wildlife biologist Ian Redmond who has worked extensively with mountain gorillas in Rwanda Gorilla is a unique and exciting introduction to the great apes monkeys and other primitive primates.