The Cook's Herb Garden

The Cook's Herb Garden

Published by DK

By Jeff Cox, Marie-Pierre Moine

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Book description

Now in ebook format, this is a static, generic epub.

The practical, plot-to-plate guide to growing and cooking with herbs successfully, in ebook format.
From Basil to Vervain, this photographic catalogue of more than 130 culinary herbs will teach you everything you need to know on nurturing, harvesting and cooking with herbs.

Delve in to find notes on herb flavours, the best growing conditions, storage and how to use them in the kitchen. There are inspirational planting schemes for window boxes and pots including Mediterranean, Everyday Essentials and Salad Herbs.

Packed with more than 70 delicious recipes for rubs and marinades, sauces and salsas, flavoured butters, cordials, syrups, teas and tisanes, plus charts on best herb-with-food flavour combinations.