Ultimate Erotic Massage

Hardback cover of Ultimate Erotic Massage

Published by DK

By Kavida Rei

RRP: £14.99

About Ultimate Erotic Massage

Ultimate Erotic Massage is a sensual journey across your partner's body - and your own!

Light some candles and set the scene for the most erotic lovemaking experience as you learn the hottest techniques to arouse, awaken, and ignite the senses. This book is the ultimate source for fuelling erotic fantasy and experiencing intense sensual pleasure.

Erotic games are included, which add a powerful new dimension to the massage experience. Core chapters show you, in step-by-step detail, how to stimulate your partner. You will learn which techniques to use where and how to identify the most pleasurable patterns and types of touch.

So what are you waiting for? Dive straight in to discover:

-Technique spreads give step-by-step instructions on over 20 complete massage routines, with clear instructions on how to pleasure every inch of your partner's body.
-Sensual overviews introduce each region of the body, highlighting the hottest arousal zones.
-300 newly commissioned photographs

The opening chapter teaches the basic principles of massage and touch, showing you how to master the core techniques and how to connect with your partner - physically and emotionally. You will also learn about setting the scene for a massage and discover the toys and props that can electrify your massage experience.

In the chapter on sensual exploration, each body region is explored in turn, giving you the option of pleasuring one area of your partner's body or treating your lover to an incredible full-body massage.
You will also learn the erotic delights of intimate massage, connecting you with your partner on a deeper level, and a section introduces you to the mind-blowing possibilities of oral massage.

There is guidance on how to bring fantasy and role-play into your massage rituals, teaching you to increase, extend, and maximize arousal. A self-massage section shows how you can become reacquainted with your own body, and gives ideas for spending regular time in self-pleasuring.

From tender touches to self-connection, Ultimate Erotic Massage proves the perfect gift for your partner this Valentine's Day!