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Published by DK

By Dick Strawbridge, James Strawbridge

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"Everything you need to know to be well on your way to living a greener lifestyle."

Your Home

"Dense with detail and crammed with advice on home, garden and lifestyle improvements."

The Times Magazine

About Practical Self Sufficiency

Everything you need to know about modern-day self-sufficient living from stars of the BBC series It's Not Easy Being Green, Dick and James Strawbridge

Want to save on your fuel bills? Ready to grow your own, reduce your carbon footprint, and take the self-sufficient plunge?

Dick and James Strawbridge know all there is to know about sustainability and eco-friendly living. In Practical Self Sufficiency, they show you how to make practical, sustainable changes that will have a big impact on your life - without having to transform your lifestyle. Sharing their experiences, tips and techniques, the Strawbridges provide all the step-by-step advice you need for successful eco projects, large and small. Learn to grow your own vegetables and fruit, make your own homebrew, raise chickens, try foraging for wild food, and more. Each undertaking is realistic, achievable and sustainable. You won't need to go the whole hog - just pick and mix to suit your needs, for long-lasting dividends.