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Published by DK

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About Strength Training

Work out, enhance your muscle mass, and get amazing results. Written with the British Weightlifters' Association, this comprehensive guide targets every muscle group for a sculpted, leaner, and healthier body.

Strength Training features more than140 exercises using both equipment and free weights. Whether you wish to hit the gym or train at home, it will quickly help you achieve your goals - a sculpted physique, stronger bones, better balance and posture, and more energy for everyday living and sport.

The exercises target every part of the body, and include stretches and dynamic lifts. Step by step, Strength Training tells you how to do each one safely, with detailed anatomical artworks that show precisely which muscles you are targeting. It also shows how to plan your training with "smarter" goals, and gives you beginner, intermediate and advanced programmes.

With information on optimising your diet and answers to common questions, this indispensable volume puts you on the fast track for a lean and healthy body.