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Published by DK

By Monty Don

RRP: £25.00

"<p>'It boasts a wealth of horticultural knowledge...a must for any keen organic <br> gardener</p>"

Alan Titchmarsh

"After a sightseeing tour of world gardens, Monty is back home in his garden in Herefordshire - and we're invited! In a beautifully photographed DK book, Monty shows us his organic gardening secrets to achieving a plentiful show of plants and produce while respecting the environment."

The Bookseller

About The Complete Gardener

Written with passion and packed with practical information, Monty Don's The Complete Gardener is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn how to garden.

Here, Monty reveals the secrets of growing vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs while respecting the needs of the environment by gardening organically.

Grounded in his own experience, Monty's straightforward gardening advice is paired with extraordinarily beautiful photographs taken over the course of a year in his own Herefordshire garden, taking you on a tour of his flower garden, herb garden, kitchen garden, and more.