Women's Health for Life

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Published by DK

Introduction by Sarah Jarvis

Editor-in-chief Sarah Jarvis

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About Women's Health for Life

Essential medical advice in easy-to-understand language – by women for women

Turn to a team of highly respected female doctors for reliable and reassuring advice on all your health questions and worries whatever your life stage. As women, they understand your concerns – from fertility issues and cancer fears to forgetting your best-friend’s phone number – and know you want realistic yet sympathetic medical advice.

Through them discover how some conditions affect women differently to men and how they need different treatments. Learn to understand your body and know which signs tell you what’s normal and what’s not. A comprehensive symptoms guide will help you identify the causes of pain and other problems quickly.

Accurate, helpful and honest, this is the one health guide no woman should be without – it’s like having a doctor on call 24 hours a day.