eBook cover of Philosophy

Published by DK

By Stephen Law

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About Philosophy

Examine the ideas and traditions of Western and Eastern thought

‘Packed with all the information, advice and tips you’ll need to get on your way.’ Good times July/Aug

"Eyewitness Companions offer an essential reference library, perfect for novices or anyone who hust wants to know more about their favourite pastime." Heyday

A demystifying guide to a misunderstood subject. Learn to understand the major issues, theories and problems at the heart of philosophy and watch hard-to-grasp concepts come to life. Discover philosophers answers to the ‘big questions’ Where do we come from? What is the perfect model for society? What is the meaning of life?

Discover who's who and know all the major thinkers, from Aristotle to Zeno.

Use the ‘toolkit’ to exercise your mind, learn to talk the talk and construct and communicate philosophical arguments.

Start reading, start thinking.