Tales of the Dead Ancient China

eBook cover of Tales of the Dead Ancient China

Published by DK Children

By Stewart Ross

RRP: £6.99

About Tales of the Dead Ancient China

This gripping combination of fact and fiction, will have you on the edge of your seat

It's the third century BCE, China has been unified by a powerful emperor. But some of the conquered want him dead...

Plucked from his peaceful life, 11 year old Shen suddenly finds himself favourite musician at the court of China's First Emperor, but he is unknowingly drawn into a web of plots and counter-plots. Shen's precious instrument holds the key to the life of the Emperor. But when the moment for action comes, will he be ready?

From the low-down on the terracotta army, to the plot to assassinate an emperor, you'll find facts on everything you need know to qualify as an expert on ancient China. Every page is packed with amazing illustrations, astonishing facts and detailed cross-sections.

An innovative blend of fact and fiction guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat!