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Published by DK

Contributions by Philip Wilkinson

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About India

Home to a dizzying array of languages, ethnic groups, beliefs, and lifestyles, India can seem overwhelming in its complexity. India takes the lid off this cultural melting-pot, showing how past events have shaped this diverse but unified nation, where tradition and modernity successfully coexist. Through stunning photography and insightful text, India offers an eye-opening, thought-provoking, and authoritative visual guide to one of the world’s most exciting and vibrant nations. The book is organized into six distinct sections: Landscape: India’s Horizons takes a
visual journey through India’s diverse topography to all four corners of this vast land. History: The Story of India charts India’s past and present in the form of a visual timeline from the first flourishings of Indus valley civilization to the present day, highlighting key events, figures, and inventions along the way. People: A Day in the Life reveals what life is like in India today through photographic interviews with individuals from all walks of society and from both rural and urban areas. This chapter also includes specially photographed collections of Indian objects and products, from food to textiles. Culture: The Spirit of India explains and explores India’s ancient philosophical and religious traditions, and the art and literature that form part of its cultural heritage. Architecture: Building a Nation takes the reader on a photographic tour of some of India’s most incredible architecture. Specially commissioned photographs explore the exteriors, interiors, and details of ancient and modern buildings alike, from forts and palaces to temples and mosques. Finally, Travel: Exploring India showcases the must-see sites and stunning locations around India that any traveller to the country should make time to visit.