Scuba Diving

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Published by DK

By Miranda Krestovnikoff, Monty Halls

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About Scuba Diving

Diving offers challenge, excitement and the thrill of exploration but in turn requires skill, discipline and knowledge. With expert advice and step-by-step illustrations Eyewitness Companions: Scuba Diving reveals how to perfect these skills. This essential companion is suitable for those curious to take the plunge, right up to qualified divers interested in expanding their knowledge.You'll discover:

Essential equipment - Know your gear, from fins and masks to depth gauges and tanks
Diving techniques - Learn essential step-by-step techniques, from training in the pool to taking to the open seas
Places to dive - Explore the top dive sites of the world, from coral reefs in the Pacific to wrecks in the Red Sea
Marine Life - Get the most from your dives with a comprehensive guide to underwater plant and animal life