Conception, Pregnancy and Birth

Hardback cover of Conception, Pregnancy and Birth

Published by DK

By Miriam Stoppard

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"Essential reading for anyone expecting a baby"

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About Conception, Pregnancy and Birth

New edition of the UK's bestselling pregnancy guide, from expert Dr Miriam Stoppard

If you’re pregnant and want trusted advice, have all your questions answered by top parenting expert Dr Miriam Stoppard – Britain's most popular and trusted childbirth specialist.

From a month-by-month development guide, to the latest on fertility, antenatal testing, diagnostic procedure, labour choices and caring for your newborn; reassuring, practical advice on all aspects of your antenatal care will help you every step of the way. Plus, find trusted advice for dads-to-be plus helpful case studies which look at a range of issues from infertility to caring for premature babies.