Atlas of Exploration

eBook cover of Atlas of Exploration

Published by DK Children

Illustrated by Andrew Kerr, Francois Naude

RRP: £8.99

About Atlas of Exploration

Follow in the footsteps of the world's great explorers - incredible
see-through pages and a CD-Rom take you across deserts, to the top of
Everest and beyond

What's it like to be an explorer and
sail into the unknown, go on a journey that takes three-and-a-half
years, or walk on the moon? Send your child on an incredible voyage of
discovery and excitement to find out.

Explore the fantastic
see-through pages and interactive CD-ROM together and follow the
greatest explorers on their epic journeys. Then click to find out more
about the wildlife, habitats and people they encountered. It's a
thrilling interactive adventure.