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Published by DK Children

By Jane Hackett

RRP: £12.99

About Ballerina

Budding ballerinas, would you care to dance? This beautiful book and DVD is the perfect partner, containing everything you need to learn and improve your steps.

??Ballerina showcases stunning step-by-step photography taken at the English National Ballet School, alongside clear, concise text written by Jane Hackett, Director of the School. Whatever your age, you can begin with the basics including what to wear, how to warm up, and how to build strength. Then you can move in the right direction with first positions and barre work before progressing to en pointe and pirouettes. You'll learn how to take ballet from the class to the stage and even choreograph your own dance routine.

??Practice is the key to becoming a brilliant ballerina, so use this helpful guide to repeat the steps shown and perfect your performance. Watch the DVD included to see many of the same steps in action, as well as two complete dances, so you can see for yourself and copy the professionals.

??This practical introduction to the world of ballet encourages young ballerinas to learn this artistic style of dance in an easy, expressive, and enjoyable way.