The Cook's Book

The Cook's Book

Published by DK

By Marcus Wareing

RRP: £35.00

Book description

Master classic dishes and perfect all the cooking techniques you need for success every time with the world's top chefs, including Marcus Wareing, Shaun Hill, Ken Hom, Atul Kochhar, and Peter Gordon.

This new edition of The Cook's Book, winner of the Gourmand World Cookbook Award, is an essential ingredient for every kitchen with all the know-how you need to become a skilled chef. Learn how to make mouth-watering sauces and how to cook rice to perfection, and discover the secret to making good bread and how to rescue homemade mayonnaise. With easy-to-achieve cooking techniques and over 600 delicious recipes, you can create perfection on a plate in your own kitchen, no matter your level of culinary skill.

Explore all the major cuisines and food groups, guided by expert chefs from around the world, and take your cooking from amateur to advanced.