Arthritis Your Questions Answered

eBook cover of Arthritis Your Questions Answered

Published by DK

By Alison Hammond, Andy Hamer, Caroline Green, David L. Scott, Dorothy Pattison, Howard Bird, Mike Hurley

Created by Ann Baggaley

RRP: £6.99

About Arthritis Your Questions Answered

Suffering from arthritis doesn't mean putting life on hold

From living with osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia to carpal tunnel syndrome and gout, discover how to take back control of your life with this question-and-answer guide that helps you find answers fast.

Learn to communicate effectively with your doctor and understand the pros and cons of different treatments, including medications, therapies and self-help strategies. Find out how to make successful lifestyle changes to promote mental and physical health and vitality from which foods ease symptoms to the benefits of Yoga and Pilates.

A reassuring guide so you know when to look for help and where to turn.